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The Interview 

After a student has demonstrated that they can follow my directions by completing an application, if I have a need to hire more student workers, I will move forward with applications and conduct interviews. Before the interview even begins, I go over the application carefully and check the information. For instance, I can easily check …

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The First Contact 

For me great management starts in the very first interactions and contact I have with potential student workers. Let’s face it, most of them are not going to be librarians one day. They are students for a reason and are studying something they care about and value. They come to me because they need a …

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I See Libraries as Assemblages 

My first position in a library was at Berklee College of Music, my alma mater. I entered a space I knew very well. But instead of being a student, I was now a Library Assistant and the Circulation Supervisor. I quickly saw many things that I thought should be done differently. There were several obvious …

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